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Birds' Nest Botany


Botany for Gardeners


Flowering Plant Families


Ecology for Gardeners-- NEW !


Herbs, Herbals, and Herbalists

Botanical Names for the Fearful


The Natural History of Medicinal Plants


Pollination: Birds, Bees, Flowers, and Seeds

The Herbal Botany of Tea and Tisanes--NEW !


In a Pickle:  The Science, Art, and Lore of Pickling

Eating Local: Fruit and Vegetable Botany-- NEW !


Household Botany: Plant Uses in American Homes


Lights, Water, Action!    Understanding Plant Growth


Herbal Medicine and Magic:  Sorting Facts from Fancy

World War II Botany: How Plants Won the War--NEW !

Plants @ Museums: Botanical Art and Symbolism--NEW !

Linnaeus, Classification, and 18th Century Botany-- NEW !


Garden Herbs: Their Cultivation, Cookery, Cures, and Caveats


Household Botany: Various Useful Plants in the American Home 

Potions and Potables: The History and Chemistry of Herbal Drinks

Victory Gardens: How a Nation of Gardeners Helped to Win the War

Vernacular Gardens: The How and Why of Dooryard Horticulture--NEW !























"If you can tempt Judith Sumner to address your group, you are in for a fantastic treat! She wowed us. Her talk on herbal medicine was both intellectually stimulating and hilariously funny. We learned so much as Judith addressed myths and misinformation associated with herbs as well as truths and potential uses. Her historical perspectives and humor-filled style made her one of the best speakers we have ever had. Five stars!!!"


"Thoroughly entertaining speaker who combines her academic background with an engaging approach to plants and their history. I have now heard her speak in two very different settings——the first, a garden club in a small city setting, and the second, a Master Gardeners conference in rural Maine. And she was a hit at both. A refreshing break from the usual fare!"

See Judith on the Martha Stewart Living television show, discussing the botany of Aloe vera:

Listen to Judith narrate video tours of the herb gardens at Strawbery Banke Museum:


Find Judith at Great Garden Speakers: